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Comment vit-on dans la Station Spatiale ? [anglais]

L'espace, Voile et espace

Vivre une journée d’astronaute en visitant la station spatiale internationale, c’est ce que propose la BBC dans ce document en anglais (Textes et courtes vidéos). Idéal pour les classes de 3ème et lycée.

let’s have a look : 3,2,1, IGNITION…

There are currently seven billion people living on Earth. Although our lives differ in countless ways – almost all of us share some common experiences.

Each day we all do things so routine we don’t even think about them; such as raising our heads from the pillow each morning or maybe looking for something to put on our feet before taking the first few steps of the day. These experiences of living and moving through the physical world are shared by everyone.

But there are six people out of seven billion whose daily experience sets them apart. These six are floating 400km above our heads in the International Space Station. Their daily routine is both recognisably the same and also utterly different from ours. For a start, they don’t need slippers. After the British astronaute Tim Peake, the french astronaut Thomas Pesquet is about to become one of them.

Comment vit-on dans la Station Spatiale


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